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"Happiness doesn't depend on what we have, but it does depend on how we feel toward what we have. We can be happy with little and miserable with much."


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"Dealing with problems such as anxiety, weight gain, depression, diabetes, OCD, and other painful situations is never easy.


Hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and our other personal coaching tools can help you achieve your Life Goals quicker and easier than you can imagine.


Our approach is exceptionally different from other hypnotists for two reasons:


1) Our consistently successful results are based on solid medical evidence.


2) We succeed where others don't because of our powerful Tranceformation TechnologiesTM process.


This unique and highly effective method of personal change was developed from our deep personal, professional and academic experiences.


When you are ready to change your life for the better, consider letting us help you to experience the relief and pleasure of lasting change.


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Devin Hastings"



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Does hypnosis really work? 

Experience concrete clinical evidence as you read the ground-breaking book:

"21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence For The Healing Power Of The Mind"


21st Century Medicine - A book documenting mind-body miracles


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Does anxiety run and ruin your life?

Discover answers now.  Read the book:

"Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis: New Answers for Those Who Suffer In Silence"

Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis - A book that gives effective methods to reduce and eliminate anxiety and OCD

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Can hypnosis really help someone with diabetes?  Absolutely yes.

Free Hypnosis For Diabetes Teleseminar

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Control Your Diabetes With Hypnosis - A book with clear, easy to use information that really helps diabetics.




Do you want to learn how to effectively help someone with diabetes?

Then learn about new answers for diabetes and

become a Certified Diabetes Motivational Coach(TM)

Please Note: The below 136 page manual is available only to workshop students.


New Answers For Diabetes - A 2 day certification workshop that teaches people how to really help diabetics change.





Learn how to change lives while changing yours in many positive ways -

Become a Certified Hypnotist and/or NLP Practitioner


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The Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills is a premier persuasion and influence training institute licensed by the state of Minnesota. 

Minnesota Institute - Advanced hypnosis and NLP instruction.


If you are looking for the best hypnosis training in Minnesota and in the U.S., come and learn hypnosis, NLP and more in beautiful Minnesota with a 27 year experienced instructor. The MN. Institute is a premier hypnosis, NLP persuasion training school that always gives you more than you expect. 


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National Guild of Hypnotists


You would not believe how much you can learn and how many

great and wonderful people you'll meet...



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Self-Help Articles

Depression, Diabetes, Obesity, Weight Loss, Killer Grapefruit Juice, Children and Diabetes, Releasing Resentment, Hypnosis and Surgery,Marketing and more for you to enjoy!


Self-Sabotage Does NOT Exist


Don't believe it?  Get ready to change your life by reading this article on using NLP to eliminate so-called self-sabotage





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Also learn about Reducing Anger and Ultra-Learning Skills!


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Self-Help Articles

Interesting, Always Useful and Sometimes Funny Articles!

(Click on title to see full article)


 As Featured On EzineArticles


Hypnosis and The Ego-Strange Secrets


What doesn't kill you makes you die younger!” a friend of mine quipped the other day when I told him about what a client of mine is going through. I said: “Don't you mean, “What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?””


No!” he said. “It means your Ego dies younger and then you become stronger.” “Oh.” I said. Then I told him about a time when I was teaching in London a few years ago and I had stood in front of a room full of people and told them that I needed a moment of silence because I had recently turned 50 and my ego had died a horrible death.


My friend said: “50? You don't look a day over 60!” I almost miss my ex-friend but, my ego won't permit it.


What is the 'ego'? In my humble opinion...........Click here to read more




Diabetic Self-Sabotage

Why Diabetics Don’t Take Better Care of Themselves

And What Can Be Done About It


A common complaint among all health care professionals who deal with diabetics is that many diabetics just don’t do the simple things that could improve their condition.

In fact, many people with diabetes almost seem to go out of their way to make their condition worse.

And it’s not just medical professionals who see this. Spouses and partners of diabetics often suffer great emotional distress because their loved ones don’t seem to care enough to make healthier choices or to at least not make harmful ones.

Diabetic Self-Sabotage Answers - Click Here




Tourette's, Poison Ivy, Employee Wellness and Hypnosis


Click here to discover the strange but true, healing connection







Hypnosis and Will Power


"If I just had more will power, I would be happier!"

"If she just had more will power, she could lose all that weight."


Will power and hypnosis were made for each other.  Funny how many people say: "My mind is too strong (will power).  You can't hypnotize me!"


Read this article to learn the real truth about hypnosis.



Weight Loss, Diabetes and Hypnosis

A client of mine who is married to a doctor told me how her husband has said over the 30 years of his career (and their marriage): “Nobody ever loses weight.” 

Understandably, his words have had a hypnotic effect on her.  And, where are the long term studies to prove him wrong?  Well, finally there is one really good study. 

Click here to read more about hypnosis, diabetes and weight loss




Hypnotism, Depression and Laughter


“Laugher is no laughing matter.”  I spent around 20 years of my life seriously depressed.  In fact, it should have been lethal but, for some reason, I survived.  I attribute my “surthrival” (vs. just survival) to Grace.  I would thank her but I can’t find her.


Seriously, it is due to my Super High Intensity Training (in depression) that I now happily specialize in helping others who are currently enrolled in the Depression School of Higher Education.

Click here for more on Hypnotism, Depression and Laughter





Hypnosis For Controlling Bleeding and Hemophilia


Bleeding control is a subject of great interest to me because of my two young boys. No, not controlling their bleeding; controlling mine. You see, just over two weeks ago I discovered that my youngest son is actually a velociraptor. It’s true! He definitely has long talons. You can still see the almost two inch long scar on my face from where, in a fit of playful lovingness, he tried to eat my face.


Hemophilia and Hypnosis continued



Can Hypnosis Help Stop The Devastation of Diabetes?

"How can hypnosis help? It's just talking. All you do is talk. My wife talks to me and nothing changes."

True client story. What was my response? Well, many came to mind but, what I did say to my client was that in case he hadn't noticed, I wasn't his wife. That got the smile I wanted. I then validated his position by stating that yes, hypnosis does seem to just be a lot of talking.

Hypnosis Can Help Diabetes-click here




Handwriting Phobia a.k.a. "Graphophobia"


Yes, handwriting fear is real and it is really painful.  So many laugh at it while so many are in pain because of it. 


Read a beautiful and poignant poem written by a client who overcame it.

Fear of handwriting - click here




Hypnotic Language Methods:

Embracing Incompetence for Client Success


Just as powerful and moving music is often influential because of the spaces between the notes, so is hypnotic language. 


Hypnotic language is not the “casting of a spell” by a canned script but rather, the guiding of a client’s unconscious toward healing.  This healing is accomplished by a variety of forces that are summoned by the hypnotist and harnessed by the client. 


With the above in mind, let’s now address the question: “What does incompetence have to do with helping a client?”  Click here to find out





Fibromyalgia and Hypnosis: Answers That Work


In the Land of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), there is a fundamental tenant which is: “The meaning of the communication is the response you get.” 


This lesson was brought home to me one particular evening when I said to my two sons: “Good night boys.  And remember, invite the angels into your dreams.”


To which my 6 year old asks: “Daddy, why do I want to bite angels in my dreams?”


And I intelligently (?) replied: “Only the shabby angels son.” 


“Daddy, what does shabby mean?”  “Um, you know, their harp is out of tune and uh, their toes are dirty, their halo needs polishing, that sort of thing.”


And now my original communication has devolved into the boys telling me at night to bite only one or two shabby angels in my dreams.


How did this happen?  I don’t know.  I think it’s a mystery that only the angels can solve.


The point to the above?  Communication can, and often does, take many twists and turns and fibromyalgia is a condition that communicates via many different symptoms.  So, the following is intended to hopefully help the reader to listen with their ‘3rd ear’ to the communication(s) from the condition.

Fibromyalgia and Hypnosis: Click here for more information




Hypnosis Script for Diabetics


Evidence clearly shows that even hypnotic relaxation can have a significant influence on a person’s physiology – especially a diabetic’s blood sugar levels.


For example, according to an article by Yoram Barak: “Emotions are intimately involved in the initiation or progression of cancer, HIV, cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune disorders.”  (Autoimmunity Reviews --Vol. 5, Issue 8, October 2006)


Diabetes-Hypnosis Script continued - click here



Hypnosis Can Prevent Hair Loss Diabetes and Amputations


The title says it all about the article - well, not quite all.  For a couple of good laughs and some great information, click here to discover more.




Can Hypnosis Help Children Avoid Obesity and Diabetes?


When a parent is faced with the choice of their child either getting diabetes or using hypnosis to avoid diabetes, hypnosis is most parents’ first choice.


Interestingly, not as many parents are as willing to use hypnosis to keep their kids thin.  That is, until they are told that obesity, especially in children, leads more and more frequently to diabetes as well as many other serious health problems.


Okay, sounds good but is hypnosis medically recognized as useful?  And, if hypnosis does work, what is it?


Click here to discover more




Diabetes Combination Pills and Hypnosis

 "Prescribe a new medication as much as possible before its positive effects wear off."

 The above quote is not far from the truth but it should be amended to the following:


"Prescribe a new drug as much as possible before its harmful side-effects are noticed."

By the way, I am not anti-medication - far from it.  I am simply opposed to inappropriate prescription activities and to the manufacture and distribution of medications that cause more harm than good. 

Look at antidepressant medications for example: there is not a shred of good clinical evidence that Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors actually work any better than a placebo. 

Click here to discover more




Love, Death and Healing: My Little Lion

"If you love someone and it does NOT work out, there is going to be pain. 

If you love someone and it does work out, there is still going to be pain. 

So, to fool yourself into thinking you can avoid pain by avoiding love, what you have to ask yourself is, are you willing to pursue the pain of giving up love?"

This true story is part of my NLP for Healing Grief class.  Even 26 years later the tears come to my eyes when I read it but they are tears of deep acceptance and gratitude for the love that was in my life for so long. 

If you're finding it hard to heal from the loss of a loved one, maybe this story will help. 

Click here to read it.



Serial Murder and Hypnosis: Diabetes Is Killing Every 7 Seconds

How Hypnosis Can Help Stop This Bloodshed


According to the International Diabetes Federation (an umbrella group of more than 200 national associations), an estimated 366 million people worldwide are diabetic and every 7 seconds, one of them is dying.  That is 4.6 million people dying every year from a largely preventable disease.


What can help stop this carnage and pain that affects many times more the people afflicted with diabetes?  Hypnosis. 


The clinical value of hypnosis has been well documented in the book “21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence For The Healing Power of The Mind”.


Click here to learn 5 Powerful Tips To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels



Weight Loss and Hypnosis:  Does it really work?



2 Types of Weight Gain

So then, why do some people eat even when they aren't hungry?

A number of reasons the most common being that they are not paying attention!  I call this Type 1 weight gain or Simple Weight Gain. 

A person can easily pack on 10 extra pounds a year simply by ingesting an extra 100 calories per day.  100 calories is roughly equivalent to a can of soda.  

Using hypnosis, this is one of the best types of persons to have as a client because their weight loss is dramatic, easy and fast.  

The other type of weight gain I have identified is known as Type 2 weight gain that I also refer to as Complex Weight Gain. Click here for rest of article.




Suicide and Hypnosis:

Hypnotist Principal Faces Questions After Suicides

However, No One Is Discussing “Suicide Contagion”


(To read a news story about what is happening, click on the above "Hypnotist Principal" link in blue.  Or Google "Hypnotist Principal")


This case of an obviously well-meaning and deeply caring Florida high school principal has been reduced to a ridiculous event of ‘sensationalist trial by media’ where the rule is: “You shall have a fair trial, be executed by uninformed public opinion and then allowed to defend yourself.”


Here is a truth (which is conveniently ignored by the some of the foxing media although Mitch Stacy of the Associated Press did a nice job): Being hypnotized simply cannot make someone kill themselves


Click here to learn more about suicide and hypnosis





Asthma, Migraines and Weight Gain

Simple, Powerful Ways Hypnosis Can Help


My head exploded when my 2½ year old son first discovered the joy of taking off his very full diaper and swinging it around in circles.  My life also flashed before my eyes as I saw a very gross future ahead of me. 


And I wondered to myself: “What was I thinking when I thought becoming a dad was such a smart idea?” 


Click here to learn more about

surprising and very important information about asthma, migraines and weight loss





My Nose Has PTSD and

Unexpected Reasons For A Childhood ADHD Diagnosis


At the tender age of 43, I finally figured out the birds and the bees and became a father.  Funnily enough, that was around the same time I got hit in the head with a shovel which I believe was instrumental in my decision to become a dad.


Now at the even more ripened age of 48, I have two boys ages 2 and 5. Apparently the shovel struck again.


And the other day, my creative and inventive (read: devil possessed) elder child came to me with a really innocent look on his face and said: “Um, Daddy?  I think my blanket smells funny.  Could you smell it?” 


Click here to learn more about hidden and easily cured causes of childhood ADHD




Depression Symptoms, PTSD and TMS

(Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)

 A Surprising Answer For Depression


Discussed In This Article:


- Emotional Anniversaries, PTSD and Depression

- Alcohol and Depression

- PTSD Symptoms

- Depression Symptoms

- TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and how it can help with depression


Click here to learn more about new answers for depression





Cold Cures and Flu Remedies That Work


Dr. Mercola has published an terrific, highly informative article with information that really can help you or someone you know to get better and stay better.


Click here to read this great article





Preventing Heart Attacks Using Hypnosis: A Very Odd Approach

As the hypnotist slowly waved the toothbrush in front of his subject’s eyes, he said in a monotone: “Your eyes are getting heavy, droopy and drowsy.  And when you awaken, you will realize you want to brush your teeth.  In fact, you will have an incredible desire to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day because your teeth will be happy and your heart will be healthier.”

Click here to learn how hypnosis can help prevent heart disease




Diabetes and Hypnosis: 5 Ways Hypnosis Can Help


Diabetes is now classified as a worldwide epidemic.  Blindness, kidney disease, impotence and many other illnesses are often the direct result of out-of-control or undiagnosed diabetes. 


Fortunately, there are several ways hypnosis can help.  See which one of the following statements applies to you or someone you know. 


As a person with diabetes, do you ever feel stressed?

Are you the parent of a child with diabetes?

 Do you wish that you, your child or spouse were more motivated to exercise?

 Wouldn’t it be great if it were easier to make better food choices?

 Is your diabetes causing embarrassing, personal problems?


Click here to learn the 5 ways hypnosis can help diabetics




Minnesotans and Diabetes

Excerpt---Every 30 minutes in Minnesota, a doctor is telling someone for the first time that they have diabetes. (1) These newly diagnosed patients are joining the ranks of those 500,000 Minnesotans who have some form of diabetes and who are dying at a rate of 11 people per day from diabetes or diabetes-related causes. (2) Blindness, amputation, kidney disease and other horrifying side effects are the all too likely consequences of uncontrolled diabetes. A saddening statistic is that for every Minnesotan who knows a diabetic, only 7% of those people with diabetes have all major risk factors under control.(3)



Avandia and Hypnosis

According to studies by its manufacturer, Avandia, a diabetes drug, increased the risk of heart attack by 33% (1)


According to Dr. Steven Nissen, diabetics who mix Avandia and the heart medicine, nitroglycerin are creating a virtually sure-fire recipe for a heart attack (1).  Furthermore, Dr. Nissen states that Avandia should have been pulled from the market in 2005. (1)


Who is Dr. Nissen?  He is the chairman of the department of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and the author of a study showing that Avandia is harmful and should be pulled from the market.


So what does hypnosis have to do with Avandia?  Everything when you know what hypnosis really is and what it isn’t.

Click here to discover how hypnosis helped Avandia sales




Jennifer Capriati's Drug Overdose: Could Hypnosis Have Prevented It?


According to news sources (1), Jennifer Capriati suffered from an accidental drug overdose.  Apparently, Capriati has admitted to being depressed and having suicidal thoughts. (2)


The main question of this article is this: Could hypnosis have prevented the overdose from occurring if indeed it was due to depression?


In short, clinical evidence indicates yes, hypnosis can help a great deal with depression.


Click here to read how hypnosis could have prevented Jennifer Capriati's overdose







Hypnosis For Preventing Cavities and Helping With Dental Problems

                                          By C. Devin Hastings, Minnesota hypnotist, author and educator


“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his greatest surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't."  -Henry Ford



Hypnosis can easily prevent future dental problems.  You see, as it turns out, a lot of common yet unsuspected beverages actually cause a great deal of tooth decay and hypnosis can make it quite simple for a person to free themselves from the grip of the beverages.


Click here to learn more about how hypnosis and dentistry





"Daddy, Are You Awake?"

Education can sometimes be funny at times - especially when it happens to someone else.

I hope what I learned gives you more than you thought.


Click here to read the rest of the article



Diabetes and Hypnosis: A New Answer

Do any of the following statements apply to you or someone you know?

  • As a person with diabetes, do you ever feel stressed?
  • Are you the parent of a child with diabetes?
  • Do you wish that you, your child or spouse were more motivated to exercise?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if it were easier to make better food choices?
  • Is your diabetes causing embarrassing, personal problems?


Click here to read the rest of the article




Allergies, Asthma and Hypnosis


“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think alike than those who think differently.”

- Nietzsche


Virtually everybody thinks alike when it comes to allergies.  The common belief is that only medications can help a person with an allergy.


However, clinical evidence proves otherwise.

Click here to read the rest of the article





The Dangers and The Lies Revealed!


Actual Quotes:

- “Hypnosis steals your mind!”  

- “A hypnotist will make you bark like a dog and quack like a duck!”

- “Hypnotists have put store clerks under their spell and stolen from them.”

- “Hypnosis is against the bible because it is the Devil’s Tool.  It’s worse than using a Ouija board.”

-“Do NOT see a hypnotist because he’ll take control of your mind and make you do embarrassing things.”

 The shocking truth is this: Hypnosis can do much more than most people even suspect! 

Click here to read the rest of the article




Anxiety and Hypnosis

Anxiety: What is it?


Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.

Click here to read the rest of the article




Commonly Prescribed Drugs Killing Seniors


As a result of the increased rate of death among seniors taking drugs such as Zyprexa, Risperdal, Navane, Moban and others, these drugs have now received a "black box" warning.

Click here to read the rest of the article





Which Came First, Diabetes or Depression?  Both.


In the June 18 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, it was reported that patients with type 2 diabetes were more likely to develop depression and also that patients with depression were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Click here to read the rest of the article





  A New Health Tool for Diabetes: Hypnosis


The purpose of this article is to present compelling evidence for why hypnosis is an up and coming new health tool for those with diabetes (primarily type 2 but not exclusively).

Click here to read the rest of the article




4 Minutes That Changed My Life:

A Terrifying Event That Eliminated All My Problems

Running with my son’s lifeless body slung over my shoulder, I made it to the car and got into the driver’s seat with my dead son on my lap and his head flopping to one side.  As I started the car, my wife got in the backseat while telling 911 services that we were on our way to the hospital. 

Click here to read the rest of the article




Cribs and Toddlers: Must Know Information


Parents are putting their babies at risk when they place pillows and other soft bedding in their cribs, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warned Thursday.

From 2002 to 2004, 241 children under age 5 died in incidents involving nursery products. About 40 percent of the deaths involved cribs, with soft bedding cited as the leading contributing factor. Many of the children suffocated when lying face down on pillows or other bedding, the agency said.

"Less is more when you're talking about the crib," CPSC spokeswoman Julie Vallese said, adding that cribs should be free of adult pillows and blankets, stuffed animals and baby quilts.


Click here to read the rest of the article




Dangerous Gifts


I want to share crucial information with you that can protect your bank account from something that seems really innocent but definitely is not.  Click here to learn more.




Squirrel Rampage

 While we’re on the subject of dangerous things, I do need to share information with you about a squirrel rampage that took place not long ago. 




NLP for Eliminating Self-Sabotage


Have you ever said or felt that one of the following statements is true about you?


“How come I can’t lose weight” (control my temper/get up on time/or whatever).


“What’s wrong with me?  I know I shouldn’t do that.”


“I must be sabotaging myself (again).”


To discover surprising and revolutionary new answers to the problem of self-sabotage, click here.




Kidney Cancer and Hypnosis


This case history talks about how hypnosis can help a person with cancer.  It is very instructive and inspiring.  Click here to enjoy this article




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Food Allergies, Children and Hypnosis

This article discusses a serious health issue that affects as many as 21 million Americans.

And, this condition has dangerous, hidden pitfalls that are largely unrecognized by physicians and parents.  Click the title to enjoy the full article.




Must-Know Information If You Use A Computer!


Spyware is an unknown, massive threat to any computer user.  This article will give you crucial and little known information that can protect your computer and protect you from information thieves. 


In this quick, easy-to-read article you will learn the following:

  • Exactly what spyware is and where it can come from

  • Why anti-virus programs are no protection against spyware

  • Very important, easy to use, safety tips

  • How to know if your computer is infected and possibly sending your personal information to thieves

  • How to remove spyware and where to get safe, free anti-spyware programs

  • What to do and what not to do even if seems to be the right course of action

  • And the inside secret on how information thieves fool most people into allowing spyware to be downloaded on their computers!

Click on this link:  Spyware.pdf





General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)

In this article we are going to look at a very real and very prevalent health condition that can be extremely injurious to a person's health but, is easy to change using hypnosis.

After a brief explanation of this serious and pervasive medical condition, we are then going to look at a case history and how hypnosis was used to successfully help my client.  Please note that the case history is "tongue-in-cheek" and some may find the material offensive but, it is highly instructive (in a humorous way) about very real and effective hypnosis techniques.





An Interesting I.Q. Test


This is one of those pleasantly surprising and fun to take tests. 



Small Businesses Beware!


There are some really clever crooks just waiting to rip you off.  Some of them you might even know.  Ever heard of VistaPrint?  Or Quack Watch?  Or Platinum Television Group? 

Learn why you should protect yourself from these rip-off artists.


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Cigarettes and Hypnosis: What you don't know will try to kill your child. 

Child abduction is a horrible thing. Child abuse by a parent is horrifying.  Yet some parents are unaware of the deadly combination of teens, hypnosis and tobacco. 



Doctor's Studies Confirm Drugless Method for Weight Loss Works.




The Joys of Misery!

(And Why Thanksgiving Sucks)

This is one of those articles...



What Every Hypnotist Needs To Know...but is afraid to!

Sex. That one word conjures up so many big… well, ideas. There are many other words just as powerful and, probably more important but, not as exciting.

Healer for instance. That word too, brings to mind many ideas as well. Selfless is one idea that may occur to many. The (seemingly reasonable) point is that healers are supposed to be more concerned about others than themselves. They're supposed to be selfless.


Depression, Sleep and Hypnosis--An Intimate Connection

"You cannot always control circumstances, but you can control your own thoughts."

Discussed in this article:

1) The Sleep-Diabetes Connection.

2) Sleep and Depression--A Brief Overview

3) How A Hypnotist Can Help


Hurricane Katrina Causes Diabetes

This article will explain what you need to know before you or someone you know are unpleasantly surprised.

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Depression and Diabetes

Discussed in this article:

1) The Quiet Crisis Within Diabetes.

2) A Hidden Danger of Diabetes.

3) Are Physicians Aware Of This Danger?

4) Does Depression Cause Diabetes?

5) The Formation of Depression Post-Hypnotic Suggestions.


  Self-Inflicted Violence--An enlightening and moving article.

Approximately 1 out of every 10 people, 10% of the population has, at one time or another, used self-inflicted physical injury as a means of coping with an overwhelming situation or feeling.

SIV has neither cultural boundaries nor limits on social classes. People from every walk of life, from Princess Diana, and soccer moms to the adolescent neighbor next door, rich and poor alike have silently suffered from this behavior.


The Use of Hypnotic Techniques To Reduce The Use of Analgesics

For Dental Surgery

The purpose of the following study was to investigate whether preoperative hypnosis techniques can reduce stress and improve healing and patient recovery from dental surgery.


Can Grapefruit Juice Kill?

This article is a must read if you or loved ones are taking medications.  Learn the surprising truth.


Hypnosis and Surgery

What you don't know can hurt you. 

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7 Success Factors in Marketing--Part One

"Small businesses face extremely tough challenges. An example is where one person has to do the work of 2, 3 or 4 people just to maintain the business infrastructure. Then, you have to do the actual work that generates income such as seeing clients, selling products and giving seminars.

As I once heard Gerald Kein quip about having your own business: "Having your own business is nice because you get to work half-days. You can even choose which 12 hours you're going to work each day."

The point that all business owners understand is ...." (Click here for rest of article)


Marketing Success Tips #1

Discussed in this article:

1) Little Known Reasons Why Hypnotists Should Learn Sales Skills.

2) The 3 Core Components to Business Success.

3) 2 Factors That Cause Advertising Loss.

4) Minimizing Marketing Loss.

5) Why Education Is Great Marketing.

6) When It Is Time To Stop Getting Education

7) Choosing The Right Training Material To Enhance Your Success and Bank Account.

8) 3 Co-Factors To Business Success.

Click here for rest of article



Can Juice Contribute to Causing Diabetes?

What you don't know can hurt you or your child.  Juice sounds so healthy but there are things you need to know.  


Because diabetes is so rampant in our young children today, now, more than ever it is very important for parent so be aware of those things that can help or harm their children.  

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Releasing Resentment--Begin Taking Back Your Life Now!

Addictions.  Bad relationships.  Illness.  Resentment fuels those ills and more.  For many who are overweight, it's not what they're eating---it's what's eating them.

By successfully reducing resentment you can experience some or all of the following 6 benefits:

1) You can experience a wonderful increase in positive emotional energy. The more positive emotional energy you have available, the easier it is for you to make other changes in your life that may have previously seemed impossible.

2) Some people who experience resentment also experience a real sense of fatigue. As they begin to release themselves from the burden of resentment, you can begin to experience a noticeable reduction in feelings of fatigue.  

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Sometimes It's Not Depression.

Sometimes the answers will surprise you.  This is a funny story with an interesting message.

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How To Beat Worry by Dale Carnegie

Worry.  Anxiety.  Upset stomach.  Poor Sleep.  All these are situations that you can control.  At one very low point in my life I was massively in debt and the future looked very, very bleak.  I used Mr. Carnegie's formula and it helped me to turn my life around and become debt-free in a very short period of time.

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Help Others and Increase Your Income!

Become A Certified Diabetes Motivational Coach.



"Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of knowing you
did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."



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