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        Can Juice Contribute To Causing Diabetes?

                                                                                                                                                      By C. Devin Hastings








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Research now shows that in addition to soft drinks, juice is now a contributing factor to the onset of diabetes.

Dr. David Ludwig at Children's Hospital in Boston states that juice and sodas are essentially the same in that they have very high amounts of sugar.  

This leads to the problem that parents think they are giving their children healthy food when in fact, they are allowing their children to consume unhealthy amounts of sugar.

What most parents would find interesting is that a 12-ounce bottle of grape soda has 159 calories whereas a 12-ounce container of grape juice can have 40% more calories.

Not surprisingly, the juice industry, which earns approximately $10 billion per year, will point out that a conclusive link has yet to be established between juice and obesity/diabetes/ADD and other disorders associated with too much sugar.

The point to remember is that sugar is sugar whether it is table sugar or fruit sugar.

What you want to remember is that advertising is not education.  There are ads that seem to imply that something is good for you when in fact, the opposite may be true.  

For instance, milk  has clearly been linked to childhood ear/nose/throat problems (see www.notmilk.com for evidence) and yet, milk ads clearly imply that if your children haven't 'got it', they haven't got health. 

What is also interesting and a bit frightening to note about covert advertising is how one study found that milk might somehow be tenuously linked to helping people lose weight---and this 'Aducation' suddenly had a ring of truth.  

Speaking of a 'ring of honesty' how many people realize that "no added sugar" does NOT  mean "low sugar."  It only means exactly what it says---not what it implies.

The truth in advertising lesson aside, our nation's youth are in extreme danger.  More than 30% of our American youth aged 6-19 are obese.  (Be patient, this link is slow but worth it.)

What does this mean to you?  It means the chances of your children or grandchildren getting seriously ill are dramatically increasing when they become obese. 

Can a hypnotist help a child dear to you?  Yes.  In fact children often respond very well to hypnosis for a variety of situations ranging from fear of lightening to hair pulling.

Contact your local hypnotist and ask if they can help hypnotize your child to become more interested in clean, healthy water and less interested in excessive amounts of juice.  


Helpful Tip: One thing you can do with a young child that simply won't drink pure water is to spike their water with a a little bit of low-sugar juice.  


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