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                                                      Can Hypnosis Help Stop The Devastation of Diabetes?

by C. Devin Hastings







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"How can hypnosis help? It's just talking. All you do is talk. My wife talks to me and nothing changes."

True client story. What was my response? Well, many came to mind but, what I did say to my client was that in case he hadn't noticed, I wasn't his wife. That got the smile I wanted. I then validated his position by stating that yes, hypnosis does seem to just be a lot of talking.

By the way, one of the things I teach my hypnosis students is that no matter what your client gives you in terms of 'resistant' feedback always tell yourself this one word: "Great!" And say it (inside your head) with gusto. Doing so will definitely help you to be more instead of less, resourceful.

Since we're briefly on the subject of resistance, let me state that for the record that there simply is no such thing as resistance. The instant we even believe our client is being "resistant" we are then resisting them as well as the valuable information they are sending us. Saying "Great!" is a guaranteed method to help you better receive the information they are sending you; and that information will make your work much more successful.

So, I did not feel that my client was being resistant. He couldn't be because resistance simply does not happen in my office. Curiosity happens a lot though.

Next I asked my client if he could think back to a time when someone said something to him that really hurt him. It didn't take him long to nod yes. I asked him if it still hurt. He said "yes". So then I asked: "How specifically do you know?"

He said: "Because I can feel it right here in my stomach - I kinda feel sick whenever I think of my so-called friend telling me that being nice to me set her teeth on edge."

I then said: "So let me get this straight. Are you saying that words can hurt you but you are sure enough to be unsure that they can't help you?"

My client looked puzzled and at that moment I asked him to close his eyes. I then performed a memory healing technique that I cover in my diabetes workshop - the technique involves a camel and a can of tuna fish. I'm not kidding.

Anyway, after doing the technique my client was unable to feel the terrible emotional pain that he had been feeling just a few moments earlier. I did follow up on this some months later and he was still improved. In fact more so as this technique tends to have a generative, positive effect.

So can hypnosis help diabetics? Absolutely, unequivocally, emphatically yes! Listen, if hypnosis has been clinically documented (1) to help people put cancer into remission, eliminate arthritis pain, help a hemophiliac control their bleeding, help severe burns heal quickly, eliminate pain, warts and so much more, then don't you think a diabetic might just have a shot (as it were) at receiving some kind of benefit from hypnosis coaching?

How specifically can a hypnosis coach help a person with diabetes? In more ways than you can imagine. Let's focus on one way that can help a large number of diabetics: Weight loss.

"Words carry weight - to you and away from you" is a maxim I share with my weight loss and diabetes clients (most of whom are over weight).

"And, as your hypnosis coach I am going to help you change…..change your inner thinking to happy, healthy THinner thinking."

Keep in mind that you must tell your client that as their weight is changing, so is their blood sugar. In fact, their blood sugar levels will improve before they start losing weight. You can be certain of this fact and make sure your client is certain that you are certain.

Many times when I share the above "fact" with a client they don't believe me. I love skeptics! I then cite the great work of Dr. Richard Surwit of Duke University. Some years ago he performed a study that involved 108 Type 2 diabetics. It was simple. All they had to do was listen to a 20-minute relaxation (not hypnosis) session 3 times a week for 3 months. The results were excellent and should have gotten the attention of insurance companies.

The following quote about the study can be found on the web page given below the quote:

"We have recently finished a large clinical trial of stress-management in the treatment of type 2 diabetes that demonstrated that a brief, group, stress management intervention can improve long-term glycemic control in a large sample of patients with type 2 diabetes."


You know, recently I had a class volunteer who was, well, resistant (don't say it). The chip on her shoulder was big. And I had to wonder why she volunteered if there was nothing wrong with her. Everything eventually worked out very well which is a funny story I'll share with you in the diabetes workshop.

The point is that the same thing happens with a lot of diabetics - they are not resistant even though they appear to be; and hypnosis is absolutely the best tool to turn resistance to health into persistence for health.

Thanks for reading this article - I really appreciate you sharing this information with anyone who might benefit.

Warm regards,



"21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence For The Healing Power of The Mind"

By C. Devin Hastings

Devin Hastings has written 4 books on the applications of hypnosis and behavioral change methods and he is an international speaker on these subjects.  He has given presentations to AT&T, the Better Business Bureau, Law enforcement agencies and many others. 


He has also created the following websites with many self-help articles addressing issues such as anxiety, diabetes, depression, OCD, resentment and more:








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