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by C. Devin Hastings, diabetic and hypnotist






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Diabetes-Stress Connection: Helpful Hints


Reducing stress for a person with diabetes is an absolute must.  According to medical evidence, stress can increase glucose levels in people with diabetes, making them more susceptible to long-term physical complications such as eye, kidney or nerve disorders.

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Minnesotans and Diabetes

Excerpt---Every 30 minutes in Minnesota, a doctor is telling someone for the first time that they have diabetes. (1) These newly diagnosed patients are joining the ranks of those 500,000 Minnesotans who have some form of diabetes and who are dying at a rate of 11 people per day from diabetes or diabetes-related causes. (2) Blindness, amputation, kidney disease and other horrifying side effects are the all too likely consequences of uncontrolled diabetes. A saddening statistic is that for every Minnesotan who knows a diabetic, only 7% of those people with diabetes have all major risk factors under control.(3)


Diabetes and Hypnosis--Part 1

Excerpt---This brings us to the purpose of this column: How the hypnotist can responsibly assist a person with diabetes. This can be accomplished by helping them to positively alter their motivational/behavioral structure. Doing so will greatly increase the diabeticís chances of more successfully managing and perhaps, improving their condition.


Diabetes and Hypnosis--Part 2

Excerpt---As was stated in the first article, diabetes is a largely preventable epidemic. This is so because most diabetics are obese. Obesity is preventable. Here is an interesting fact: approximately 90% of all persons with diabetes are overweight. It is a clinically proven fact that if a person reduces their weight to healthy levels, then the chances are very good that the diabetic symptoms will melt away along with the fat.

Look at the facts concerning how most Type 2 diabetes gets started: "Overeating and obesity trigger increased insulin secretion from the pancreas, resulting in the additional storage of fat in the tissues. As weight and insulin secretion go up, the body eventually develops a resistance to the effects of insulin, and diabetes occurs." (page 21) A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes: His and Yours by Peter A. Lodewick, M.D.


Diabetes and Hypnosis--Part 3

Excerpt--In this session together, we are going to cover the following: (1) Simplified definitions of diabetes, insulin and insulin resistance (2) Types of diabetes (3) An easy way to remember how you can begin helping the diabetic (4) A marketing approach that is fast and effective (5) Whatís next.

An interesting fact is that most persons with Type 2 diabetes (to be explained shortly) have too much insulin--- not too much sugar. This fact was discovered in the 1960ís when Dr. Jesse Roth, a researcher with the National Institutes of Health found out that many people with diabetes produce at least normal or higher than normal amounts of insulin.

Diabetes and Hypnosis--Part 4

Excerpt--"Half his foot is missing and that wound looks really nasty. God he looks miserable."

As I filled the disinfectant bath for his disfigured foot, I could not help but think of how his terrible pain could have very possibly been avoided.

What would have helped this patient to avoid this catastrophic outcome?

Diabetes and Hypnosis-Part 5

Excerpt--Your phone rings. You answer it and a person on the other end says: ďI have diabetes. I just canít seem to control my food cravings and my glycosylated hemoglobin is 9. Can hypnosis help me?Ē

This article will help you to turn this caller into a client because you are about to discover one of the most important diabetic statistics that exists and that you must be knowledgeable about. This knowledge will make you much more credible as a coach to this person in need. Also, you are going to learn the Diabetes A.C.E. Short Session SystemTM that is very useful with a majority of clients.

Diabetes and Hypnosis-Part 6

Excerpt--"Hello? I was wondering if maybe hypnosis could help my child. You see... (near tears pause)....heís just been diagnosed with diabetes and the doctorís are doing their best but I want more answers. Is there anything you can do to help?"

The deep pain in the callerís voice is only too apparent. They are obviously very upset and with good reason. Their child has just become part of a growing, devastating epidemic that promises horrifying responsibility for them and their child.


Did You Know That Losing Weight Cure Type 2 Diabetes? 

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