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"Believe in yourself. You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face. You must do that which you think you cannot do."   Eleanor Roosevelt


Weight Loss and Hypnosis:  Does it really work?

by C. Devin Hastings, Fellow of the Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Excerpt from article:

2 Types of Weight Gain

So then, why do some people eat even when they aren't hungry.  A number of reasons the most common being that they are not paying attention!  I call this Type 1 weight gain or Simple Weight Gain.  A person can easily pack on 10 extra pounds a year simply by ingesting an extra 100 calories per day.  100 calories is roughly equivalent to a can of soda.  

Using hypnosis, this is one of the best types of persons to have as a client because their weight loss is dramatic, easy and fast.  

The other type of weight gain I have identified is known as Type 2 weight gain that I also refer to as Complex Weight Gain. Click here for rest of article.


Did you know that....?

Each year, the average child will see more 10,000 food ads on TV and that almost all of those ads are pushing soft drinks, fast foods and sweet cereals.  It is also very interesting to note that our government spent around $2 million on its nutrition-education program.  Not bad, but the the interesting part is that McDonald's alone spent $500 million on its We Love to See You Smile campaign.*  Makes you wonder how much more money is being spent to influence children to eat food that some consider unhealthy.  And some people say that hypnosis doesn't work....  

*Information found in Time Magazine, June 7th, 2004.  Article is by Kelly Brownell of Yale's dept. of psychology and Marion Nestle, professor of public health at N.Y.Y.


Did you know that....?

Child Obesity Epidemic Report Is Grim (07/07/04) Childhood obesity in the United States looks significantly worse than previously believed, suggests the largest assessment ever of public school students. The report indicates 40 percent of students in Arkansas are overweight or at risk of becoming so. The U.S. government estimates that 30 percent of the nations kids are overweight or on their way to being too heavy.

Click here for rest of article

Weight Loss Answers

Weight loss information that gets to the heart of the matter.  Plus, check out the section titled: "What in your stomach?"  You can learn all you needed to know about the food you are eating.






Children and Hypnosis Go Very Well Together.

Would It Help Your Child To Lose Weight?

Why not see try hypnosis?  Click here to help your child now.




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