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                                                                        Serial Murder and Hypnosis:

Diabetes Is Killing Every Seven Seconds

How Hypnosis Can Help Stop This Bloodshed

By C. Devin Hastings








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According to the International Diabetes Federation (an umbrella group of more than 200 national associations), an estimated 366 million people worldwide are diabetic and every 7 seconds, one of them is dying.  That is 4.6 million people dying every year from a largely preventable disease.


What can help stop this carnage and pain that affects many times more the people afflicted with diabetes?  Hypnosis. 


The clinical value of hypnosis has been well documented in the book “21st Century Medicine: Clinical Evidence For The Healing Power of The Mind”.


How does diabetes kill?  In a variety of mostly very unpleasant ways but the main cause is this: excessively high blood sugar levels which adversely affects various organs and functions of the body which leads to illness and ultimately, death.


So, the basic step is to reduce blood sugar levels.  Non-pharmaceutical methods include diet, exercise and better food choices.


Is there a drug that can safely help a person who wants to diet, exercise and/or make better food choices?  No.  Of course, there are diet drugs of all kinds but they generally come at a high price; especially when compared to the safety and effectiveness of hypnosis.


One Diabetes-Help Fact that is clinically proven is this: Relaxation can drop a diabetic’s long term blood sugar level just about as much as a diabetes drug.  Dr. Richard Surwit of Duke University conducted a study on 108 Type II diabetics.  All they did was listen to a 20 minute relaxation session 3 times a week!  That’s it. 


And hypnosis is relaxation therapy but only much better and more powerful.


Now, consider the following 5 remedies you can immediately use to reduce stress.  In fact, hypnosis can help you program the below 5 Stress Reduction Tips into your unconscious.


1.      Turn stress into an ally instead of an enemy.
When your 'friend' Mr./ Mrs./Miss Stress is getting your attention, remember that is a signal to take a break from whatever is stressing you out.  If you don't have a chance to do so right away, then promise yourself a nice soothing bath or walk as soon as you can.  Just the thought that at some point your stressful event will be over is often enough to help a person begin to feel better.


2.       Stress is like the common cold.  Don't catch it from others!
Have you ever noticed that some people seem to want others to be as stressed out as they are?  I don't know about you but if someone handed me poisonous snake, I wouldn't take it.  So, whenever someone near you is handing out 'stress snakes', make sure you are not receiving.


3.      Learn from good stress managers.
Look around.  Who do you know that handles stress well?  If no one, then no wonder you're stressed!  If however, you know of someone who is cool under fire, get his or her secrets!


4.      Remember to breathe!
Many times people feel stressed because they have forgotten to breathe.  Seriously.  Or, some people begin to breathe only in their chests (rather than belly breathing).  Chest breathing actually raises anxiety levels.


5.      Interrupt stressful thoughts.
Practice your breathing techniques when you are aware of stressful triggers.  Speaking of stress triggers, bear in mind that if you've had too much coffee it may be time to cut back just a little.


Remember, even if you reduce your stress levels a little bit, it can make a big difference so start now!


Hypnosis must be used in conjunction with standard health care sooner rather than later to help those with diabetes (as well as other challenges) because although drugs can be life saving, their negative side-effects are numerous, often unnecessary and costly in many ways.  And, the lack of patient compliance is making their usefulness questionable.


And keep in mind that there are things hypnosis can do that drugs cannot.  Doctors at the University of Minnesota have talked about how among many things, hypnosis can help increase self-control as well as positively regulate behavior.  There is not a drug in the world that increase self-control and/or help someone positively regulate their behavior. 


Hypnosis is a long recognized healing tool.  The question that must be asked is this:

 If a well-researched and verified remedy can work just as well, if not better than a drug, then shouldn’t that remedy be considered first or at least in conjunction with other remedies? 


“Speak well to yourself because your body is always listening.” 

Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

C. Devin Hastings

President, Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills-An Premier NLP and Hypnosis School

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