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By C. Devin Hastings


According to a University of Michigan study, more young people are beginning to smoke.

Why? Hypnosis.

Is it starving hypnotists trying to generate business? No.

Who then? Follow the big money. Right. Tobacco companies.

How are they using hypnosis to get youth smoking on the increase?

Well, in order to answer that question, we first need a general definition of hypnosis. Here it is: Hypnosis is any person's ability to convince themselves of any belief. This means all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

So, no Big Tobacco does not have evil ray beams shooting out of their dark castles zapping young people in the head with 'Joe Camel' rays.

Or do they?

What comes out of a TV or radio? Electromagnetic energy. And most of it is in the form of advertising 'ray beams'.

Let me ask you something please. Imagine an impressionable person is in a room with 23 people and one person is telling them that smoking is bad. Meanwhile, the other 22 are telling them to try smoking. Who do you suppose has more persuasion power? Most likely the 22 people.

What is persuasion power? It is the ability to get someone to believe something. What is hypnosis? A person's ultimate control on deciding what to believe which is usually done according to what a person sees, hears and experiences. (Think peer pressure--you'll see why in a minute.)

Now, according to December 29th, 2005 USA Today article, (Decline in teen smoking shows signs of ending) tobacco promotions just happen to appeal to the underage smokers that Big Tobacco needs for future profits. Good for pharmaceutical companies too by the way.

Now, how are those 22 voices versus 1 doing? Well, according to surveys released in May by the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, almost 20% of smokers ages 17 through 19 tried an exotic, (= hip) flavored cigarette.

And! According to the Federal Trade Commission, the tobacco industry has more than doubled its advertising and promotions expenditures. Why? Because a 1998 deal that state officials made with tobacco companies, forced those companies to cut back on certain types of marketing. So, tobacco companies just increased their spending in other areas. How much are they spending?

More than you can imagine. In 2003, major tobacco companies invested $15.1 billion in advertising to a highly impressionable market--our nation's youth.

That is $22 for every $1 our states collectively spent on tobacco prevention. The odds therefore of a teen-ager hearing and/or seeing a "try smoking" message versus a "don't smoke" message are 22 to1.

"Holy Joe Camel, Batman! That Evil Butt-Man is double-devious!" 

"Right you are Robin.  Got a match?"

Now, even though the bulk of industry spending was on price discounts, this assures them that current young smokers who do not have lots of disposable income, can still afford to smoke in front of other young, impressionable, non-smokers. (Think peer pressure.)

The hypnosis (belief molding power) of peer-pressure is often more compelling than just about anything else. Just try to get a kid to wear crappy, no-name sneakers when everyone is wearing name brand stuff.

Hypnosis is much more than most people think. It is a huge, influential part of their everyday lives whether or not they believe in "it". Not believing in hypnosis is like not believing that you need oxygen to survive. It is an integral part of our lives.

And, contrary to popular myth-conceptions, a hypnotist is not some watch waving, goatee wearing, evil person bending people to their will. Far from it. Properly trained hypnotists are caring, skilled and empathetic people who can help a person to make wonderful changes in their lives.

Also, a hypnotist can very effectively help keep kids off tobacco. By the way, do you suppose kids sometimes try smoking to control their weight? And never mind what smoking does to diabetic kids.

To find a hypnotist near you to help save your child's life or help them safely control their weight, please visit my Hypnosis Links page for a state-by-state listing or go to the website of the world's largest hypnosis organization--The National Guild of Hypnotists

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I appreciate any and all questions and feedback.

Warm Regards,

Devin Hastings

"Speak well to yourself because your deep mind is always listening."

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