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                                  Hypnosis Can Prevent Hair Loss, Diabetes and Amputations

By Devin Hastings, diabetic and author of:

"Control Your Diabetes With Hypnosis"






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Many of my readers know that I am the happy father of two “exuberant” boys aged 3 and 5 ½.  And many also know how my boys like to “challenge” me to greater heights of enlightenment (and pain tolerance).


But what you don’t know is how, one day, whilst walking through the Minneapolis airport, my son Harry, who was in a backpack on my back, decided to grab great big handfuls of my disappearing hair and yank it really, really hard.  (Picture daddy’s eyeballs crossing at this point…)


So, at this moment, my “enlightenment” consisted of losing a big chunk of my rapidly thinning hair as well as losing my ability to think rationally.  


All the while, my son is giggling, wiggling and laughing madly while sitting in his “safe place” in the backpack.   I say “safe place” because my arms could not bend in the direction necessary to remove his brain from his skull and hand it to the shoe shine man who was also laughing at me. 


It was at this moment of “intense focus” that I conceived of an evil plan: I would hypnotize my son to be a docile, drooling Cabbage Patch type of child.  “Ha! Ha!” I thought.  “My hair is safe now!” 


And just for good measure, I was going to wrap him in bubble wrap until he was 65.  


But then reality intruded because at that moment of my deluded triumph Harry somehow managed to reach over my head and hook his finger in my nose and pull really hard while laughing even more maniacally. 


I believe it was at that moment that I began to speak in tongues.  Or I was biting my tongue.  Maybe it was both.


Sigh…my message is that to any parent reading this let me assure that after years of fervent and fevered research, there is no way to hypnotize a child from being a child. 


I think what happens is that when God gets bored, s/he passes that boredom along to a billion or so children who then begin to do things that even a Huge Deity couldn’t think of to annoy parents.


But there are things I do know that hypnosis can accomplish.  Let’s look at 2 parts of the headline of this article: “Hypnosis can prevent diabetes and amputations”.


That’s a very big claim (but not nearly as big as saying you can hypnotize children to not pull your hair out.) 


My point is that many “educationally underfunded” individuals would knee-jerk assert that hypnosis for preventing diabetes and amputations is just another outrageous, ‘alternative medicine’, unrealistic claim. 


Yet, an enormous amount of clinical documentation absolutely backs the assertion that hypnosis truly can help people to avoid many unnecessary illnesses and diseases as well as avoid losing parts of their bodies.


Let’s look at some recent reports of what happens to people who don’t use hypnosis for health:


In a January, 2012 article titled, “Super-size shock: Ad campaign links soda intake with amputations”, a strong connection was made between the consumption of sugar sweetened soda and amputations.  


The amputations were caused by diabetes driven out of control by the consumption of soda.  The picture in the article shows an obese man whose right leg was amputated because of soda induced, poorly controlled diabetes.


Interestingly, this soda-diabetes connection was gathering attention back in 2004.  A Harvard School of Public Health research study showed that women who drank at least one sugar-sweetened soda a day were 85% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who drank less.


And again, in 2007 a review of published studies demonstrated a clear and consistent relationship between non-diet soft drinks and poor nutrition, increased risk for obesity and a significantly increased risk for the development of diabetes.


But before you think that diet soda is better for you, it is not.  A number of studies have shown that diet soda can actually cause a person to gain excess weight thus leading to diabetes.


“Okay” you say.  “Soda is not great for us.  But what is hypnosis?  Is it an evil power?”


Funnily enough, being enchanted by a bag of chips or being “in-tranced” by some other health-harming food/beverage is seen by many as less dangerous than being hypnotized to be healthier and happier. 


So what is hypnosis?  Years ago I came to this simple conclusion: Hypnosis is simply a person’s ability to convince themselves of anything.  Add to this the other truth that a hypnotist is a highly trained and caring coach who helps a person to convince themselves of ideas that improve their health, happiness and well-being.


A Christian friend of mine once remarked that the Devil is hell bent on convincing people to avoid anything that could help bring them closer to a loving God.  She then added that hypnosis seems to be one of those things.


Whatever your religious opinion, the clinical evidence for the healing power of hypnosis is astonishing and very real. 


The bottom line is this: If hypnosis is clinically documented to help people with an astounding number of issues (and it is), then helping a person to eliminate a single can of soda from their daily diet is easy. 


This one very reasonable conclusion then leads to another reasonable conclusion: Hypnosis truly can be an incredibly useful, safe and effective tool in helping people to make small behavioral changes that can significantly delay if not entirely prevent, the onset of diabetes. 


Additionally, if a person is diabetic, being hypnotized to make a small change (reducing or eliminating sugared beverages) can in fact help prevent unnecessary amputations and other nasty diabetic complications.


In conclusion, if you are pre-diabetic, diabetic or if you know someone with diabetes, take this message to heart: Hypnosis can absolutely, safely help change the course of your life for the better.  


Here's another excellent article!


Can Hypnosis Help Children Avoid Obesity and Diabetes?


When a parent is faced with the choice of their child either getting diabetes or using hypnosis to avoid diabetes, hypnosis is most parents’ first choice.


Interestingly, not as many parents are as willing to use hypnosis to keep their kids thin.  That is, until they are told that obesity, especially in children, leads more and more frequently to diabetes as well as many other serious health problems.


Okay, sounds good but is hypnosis medically recognized as useful?  And, if hypnosis does work, what is it?


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