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Self-Help Products

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Please carefully read our disclosures about Shipping/Handling and Refund/Replacement policy.  Failing to do can lead to a delay in your order being shipped.

If you ordering from outside the United States, please note two important points:

1) Shipping charges may be more than appear on your initial statement.  You will be contacted to see if you agree with updated shipping charges before your order is processed.

2)Videos are sold only in American NTSC format.



MindBody Hypnosis Product List


          Why invest in an instructional audio or video program?

Because, many times after attending a seminar, much of the valuable information is forgotten.  With our programs, you can discover yourself and your skills unconsciously improving after reviewing them 2, 3 or more times while you are also getting much more for your money.


Self-Help Products


Anxiety Reduction--2 CDs $50.00 learn more
Anger Reduction $30.00 learn more
Confidence $30.00 learn more
Daily Self-Hypnosis for Good Health $30.00 learn more
Dental Pain/Fears $30.00 learn more
Depression and Hypnosis: 6 CDs  $175.00 learn more
Depression, Diabetes and Hypnosis $40.00 learn more
Diabetes--Motivational Hypnosis:  Book and CD $50.00 learn more
Energy Booster! $30.00 learn more
Exercise Motivation $30.00 learn more  
Healing:  Enhanced with Hypnosis $30.00 learn more
Memory Improvement $30.00 learn more
New Horizons for Depression Sufferers $30.00 learn more
NLP for Depression $30.00 learn more
Pain Reduction $30.00 learn more
Releasing Resentment $30.00 learn more
Sales Improvement $30.00 learn more
Sleep Better Using Hypnosis $30.00 learn more
Stop Smoking $50.00 learn more
Stress Reduction $30.00 learn more
Study Skills and Test Confidence $30.00 learn more
Wealth: Manifesting with Hypnosis $30.00 learn more
Weight Loss $30.00 learn more
What The Bleep Do You Want? $30.00 learn more

Video Training for Hypnotists

Past Lives--An advanced NLP and Hypnosis Session $40.00 learn more
10 Success Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss $50.00 learn more
NLP & Hypnosis--Volumes 1and 2 $100.00 learn more
Emergency Hypnosis $40.00 learn more
The 10 Steps To Controlling Diabetes $50.00 learn more

Audio Training for Hypnotists

Diabetes/Weight Loss Instant Seminar Kit TM $180.00 learn more
Advanced Hypnosis/NLP Methods for Client Success $130.00 learn more
Success Hypnosis Series for The Hypnotist-7 CDs $225.00 learn more

Royalty Free Music, Script Books and Free Stuff

Dreams--Music--SOLD OUT--Click here to order $30.00
Cascades-Music $30.00
Tranquility-Music $30.00
Crucial! TM -Script book $30.00

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